I’m A Flex Developer Community Champion

When I returned to work from my lunch trip to the gym there was a rather non-descript package waiting at my desk for me. As I opened it up I realized it was from Adobe, welcoming me to the Flex Developer Community Champion team. Nerdy me got very excited. …

A few months back I was taking part in one of Adobe's Flex E-Seminars. At the end of the seminar a slide kept being shown talking about the Developer Community Champion program. I contacted Suzanne Nguyen at Adobe to find out more and was pointed to the registration/application page for the program. After signing up I received an automated response and then nothing, until today.

Inside the box was what I will henceforth refer to as the kit ( above ). The kit contains the Programming Flex 2 book by Chafic Kazoun & Joey Lott, 2 Total Training DVD ROMs for Flex, a medal and some wierd toy that I'm sure my kids will love. Like other people who have receive the kit, I already had the book. However, the copy I currently have is actually property of Provis Media Group so I will probably keep this one at home for a reference. The DVD ROMs should be good, especially the one on advanced viaual programming. That's an area I have not put much work into yet.

What does this mean? Well according to Adobe my role as a Champion entails the following:
Provide Code Samples
Create Technical Articles
Create Components
Developer Code Camp
Friday Flex Forums
On Demand Webinars
Host Local “Flex Jams”
Speak at Events

When I first signed up my Flex articles occurred more often. Now that this has begun, I will be writing some more to start holding up my end of the bargain. As other things come up I will post them here.


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