Scam School – Just Another Magic Monday

I have been watching Scam School ( with Brian Brushwood ) for a while now. I found the show while looking for video podcasts that I might find enjoying before I even decided to become a magician. This show is one of the reasons I thought I might be able to do magic. Why? It tipped some magical, and not so magical, methods in a very professional way. I started to see that it was possible to do magic and, if I went to bars often, get free drinks using some of the methods that lie within.

Before I go too much further, Scam School is not a show teaching you how to do magic.  According to the intro it is, “The only show dedicated to social engineering at the bar and on the street.” However, Brian Brushwood is a magician and a great entertainer. The following clip is an episode of Scam School that deviated from its normal format to show Brian’s performance at SXSW.

Scam school is great for magician’s to watch because of its perspective. There is a movement of bizarre magic out there and Brian Brushwood is one of the people at the forefront. For non-magician’s it is great to watch for its edutainment value. It is very entertaining, and you get to see a cool thing to do at a bar or just hanging out with your friends. For instance, check out this episode on “The Static Shot.”
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In the end though, the show is called Scam School and it presents itself as thus. Even though the homework is usually to watch movies like “The Sting” or buy domain names and do a domain smack on someone. All in all I recommend this show to all lovers of magic ( and bar scams 🙂 ).

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One thought on “Scam School – Just Another Magic Monday”

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