Ultimate Men’s Summit – June 10-19

Just a quick Wednesday Warrior post to describe an amazing free teleconference running from June 10-19, 2011. This event is called the Ultimate Men’s Summit and it features over 75 presenters, many of which I have mentioned in my blog.


  • Tripp Lanier – Host of The New Man Podcast and co-creator of Mens Group 101
  • Matthew Fox – Author of “The Hidden Spirituality of Men
  • Jayson Gaddis – Co Creator of Mens Group 101
  • Sam Keen – Author of “Fire In The Belly” (The book that started my men’s studies journey)
  • Robert Bly – Author of “Iron John” one of the foremost studied books in Men’s studies.

There are lots of speakers and lots of presentations to get out of this teleconference. According to the website they are planning on putting up the recordings of the calls within 24 hours and will try to keep them up indefinitely. So join us in creating the new vision for masculinity.


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