Almost Live Space Needle Ride

Sunday Funnies – Seattle

Almost Live Space Needle RideSo a few weeks ago I made my way to Seattle on a top secret trip. I went, I saw some sites, met some friends and family and top secretly went to a job interview. I kinda hated the secrecy but things are the way they are in the job world. To make a long story short, I got the job and I’ll very shortly be moving back to my old home of Seattle.

Since I think of Almost Live! when I think of comedy in Seattle (for now anyway) and I need to be reminded about how to live in Seattle the following playlist is my comedy for the week. I thought about breaking this up into several weeks instead of a playlist but the move is coming faster than I think.
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So here it is. Almost Live!’s Guide to Living in Seattle

I am really excited about my move but even more excited to get involved in a new improv scene. Currently, there isn’t a ComedySportz in Seattle so I’ll need to check out Jet City Improv and Unexpected Productions.


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