darylducharmeWelcome to Deacon’s blog where I plan to share my world with you.  What is my world?  My world is magic, programming, humor and masculine spirituality. While an occasional post may be posted in the Randomness or Wrestling category I have a few semi regular categories that I schedule by days of the week.


Just Another Magic Monday or JAMM posts will show off magical videos, stories and articles I find around the net.  As a magician, I’ll never tip any methods but I’ll try to point all who are interested in the right direction. If you want a little more, please feel free to send me a question.


My home for all posts that follow me on my journey through masculine spirituality will come out midweek every two weeks. Warrior Wednesday posts will have me looking at what it means to be a modern man, father and member of the community. These  posts are designed to be a discussion as opposed to an article or how to.


Flash Fridays are a posts where I get to share my knowledge of all things related to Adobe’s Flash Platform. I’ll talk about Flash, Flex, Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder. Some articles will be tutorials, others will be troubleshooting and some will just be cool stuff I find along the way. I will do my best to provide examples for each article where appropriate.


Sunday Funnies is the new home for what was formerly my Friday Humor posts. Look forward to videos, websites and more that made me laugh out loud, or even better roll on the floor and laugh out loud 🙂

Occasionally I might post in one of these categories on an off day but I rarely do that without reason (since I can schedule my posts). Thank you so much for checking out my site. Please let me know in comments if there is anything you’d like see on my site – spammers need not apply.


Daryl Joseph Ducharme aka Deacon

Daryl Joseph Ducharme | Create Your Badge


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