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Saying Goodbye to Matt Smith as The Doctor

mattSmithThankYouThere is a part of me that wants to say, “Big deal! He’s just an actor leaving a show.” However, I decided to write a post about what I’ve appreciated most about Matt Smith as The Doctor because I’ve never been a fan of anything before. Not like I’ve become for Doctor Who. This is the first regeneration I’ll get to see when it happens. I’m new to Who and have done a lot of binge watching over the last year and a half to be caught up (and then some). And most of all, sometimes it is good to appreciate the little things in life so that they are that much sweeter.

He’s Physical


Some of you know that I’m an improviser. When I see photos or videos of myself I’ve often compared myself to a block of wood. But watching Matt Smith play The Doctor has inspired me. I’ve been inspired to study up (via books and video) on mime, stage movement, Charlie Chaplin and more. I often hear Matt Smith compared to Patrick Troughton for reasons associated with his physicality but it is a large reason why Sylvester McCoy is my favorite classic Doctor. Somehow Matt’s physicality lives in a quantum state of being both over the top and subtle. I often find myself thinking I should practice one of his scenes just to get practice at the movement. One day (perhaps later tonight) I’ll start doing just that.

I’m thankful he inspires me to better move while I’m on stage

He has a keen fashion sense (not)


The quote, joke, meme with Matt Smith is that “bow ties are cool.” I hate to break it to you but they are not. Or at least they weren’t until he started wearing them as The Doctor. They still aren’t if you aren’t a Whovian. Then there is the fez, another joke of fashion he has inserted into the show. From everything I’ve read he had a large part in choosing the look of his Doctor and I think he made a great choice. For such a young Doctor to choose articles of clothing that are often considered “your granddad’s clothes” [INSERT MACKLEMORE REFERENCE HERE – OK MAYBE NOT] was a perfect fit. I honestly never wanted to cosplay his doctor. I’ve never done any cosplay but I had thought maybe the 10th and definitely Captain Jack Harkness. Then The Bells Of St. John and that purple frock coat happened. I love purple and that coat was not classic but classic made modern. The bow-tie finally looked, not goofy, but stylish.

I’m thankful he had such good fun with such dorky clothes. A fashion crime I’ve taken part in many times but never as successfully.



There are many more things to like about Matt Smith’s time in the role of The Doctor. His emotionally charged scenes. His general joy and goofiness. His beautiful delivery of lines that will make you laugh the second time you watch an episode. I appreciate it but I am well prepared (thank you BBC) to move on now to the next Doctor. What will I love about your Doctor, Mr. Capaldi? I can’t wait.


Social Network Conundrum

What does one do with all the social networks? I’m not sure but in an effort to organize my online social life I wanted to create rules for myself around what social networks and this blog will be used for. Consider this an experiment. What falls away will fall away, everything else can stay.

Below are the ways I think of each social network and what I plan to post there.


Main online presence where I will share most things I want my friends and acquaintances to see.

  • Videos
  • My upcoming events – I am an active guy
  • Thoughts


Another major online presence but a great place for just random short thoughts

  • Bad jokes
  • Programmer thoughts – most of my friends on facebook don’t really don’t speak gobbledygook
  • Events as they happen
  • Psuedo-conversations with fellow twitter users.


  • Videos I take
  • Hangouts – I have some ideas for themed ones.
  • Videos saved from ustream

Google Plus

I like G+ still but it is so hard to post. I’m just going to turn it into the place to post stuff that is easy to post there. Turns out this is mostly Google related links.


I don’t put much content here but if I do it will be.

  • Stupid photos
  • Longer random thoughts that only people who really opted in will want to see. By longer random thoughts I mean longer than the 140 character limit of twitter but not deserving of a full blog post.


  • This is the place for behind the scenes video of my life.
  • There is a possibility I could start JAMM live broadcasts again in the future.


I must admit, this one is dying quick. I haven’t

  • Silly pictures
  • Memorable videos

What about this blog?

Articles that well thought out will go in this blog. I want to write better so I will do my best. However, I have been wanting to write a lot more and trying to be to clean and neat usually keeps me from writing so please bear with me as I get better at first and second drafts.


There are too many social networks but being an inhabitant and creator within the social space I feel it is necessary to check them out and see what works. What works for you? I know my list is small. Should I be trying something else? Is there something else a reader of my blog would like to see me use one of these services for? I’m open to ideas and comments. Thanks for reading.

The molehill that is a mountain: 3d flash APIs

Last year around this time I wrote about what 2010 would bring in the world of flash. Write now I want to talk about one specific change that seems to be coming in 2011 – project:Molehill ( 3d APIs for flash Player ).

The following video ( if you are viewing this on a flash capable device ) is from the announcement at this year’s Adobe Maxx event.

For me this is quite exciting. Back when I worked at Provis we talked a lot about using 3D for web interfaces. Because we we’re a video heavy agency we even had a 3D person on staff and we experimented with different libraries from time to time. Unfortunately, not much came of it as it never seemed worth the time investment to change our pipeline that much.

Now I work in the social media game space and true 3D in flash with decent performance opens up a whole new realm of games for social media. It does this just in time. Social media gamers are becoming mature gamers fast and will demand a better experience sooner, rather than later.

My only concern is that, as stated in the video above, these are very low level APIs and I have no experience programming 3D ( though I am very excited to learn ). This problem should be reduced by the many 3D framework projects that will use these APIs under the hood. Those frameworks I do have some experience with and it is quite fun.

So what do you think we will see in the social media gamespace ( facebook, mySpace, vKontakte, orkut, vznet, google me, etc. )? First person shooters? Racing games?  MMORPGs? The first M in MMORPG means massive and this could really mean massive. World of Warcraft has something like 13 million users and Farmville still has around 55 million monthly ACTIVE users. That is a comparison that always makes my jaw drop.

Until then I’d love to hear what you think and even what you are working on.